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Online Energy Consumption Tool Kit for Teens

mart. 7, 2017

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This project is part of the Consummer Classroom Inter-School Competition 2016-2017 on the topic of Smart Energy Consumers.
This is a joint project of Colegiul Tehnic Ana Aslan from Cluj-Napoca/Romania and

Zespół Szkół w Głogowie Małopolskim from Glogow/Poland.

The two teams worked together throughout 4 months from December to March and designed a series of activities related to their energy consumption habits.

Here you can see a PDF presentation with a student’s example of his CO2 footprint based on the WORKSHEET on the Carbon Footprint, created by their Ecology and Environmental protection teacher, Mrs Mariana Szenkovits and implemented with the students from the grade 10th A and B of Ana Aslan Technical College:


WORKSHEET – Your carbon footprint – Colegiul Tehnic Ana Aslan

And two videos created by the Romanian Students on the topic of our Carbon Footprint and Reducing Food Waste:

VIDEO – Carbon Footprint

VIDEO – Reducing Food Waste

The following CALCULATORS was used by the students to determine the electricity usage for various devices:

Energy Consumption calculator for Teens

Energy Calculator on

The teams also developed an ONLINE QUIZ/GAME using

Be Energy Wise! GAME

Here are some VIDEOS created by the Polish students, some using PowToon:

VIDEO 1 – My Minimalist Closet: Less is More

VIDEO 2 – Tips for Being Energy Wise

VIDEO 3 – How to Save Energy

And a PDF, a PREZI Presentation  and a WORKSHEET:

How to be green – activities POLAND

Be Energy Wise!_ppt POLAND

Be Energy Wise! – Prezi Presentation

And some INFOGRAPHICS to help you Be More Energy Wise! made by Bartek Węglowski & Piotr Suszek, Dudek Gabriela & Gniewek Dominika, Jakub Wroniak & Marek Jakub and Klaudia Poźniak & Iza Jeż:

About how we worked:

Students from both schools defined the role of energy consumption in the fight against climate change towards more sustainable societies.

Then, students from both classes were invited to share and confront their daily behavior as energy consumers in terms of mobility (e.g. their parents’ car use), heating and cooling, thermal insulation, lighting, water use (bathing, washing, and gardening), energy efficiency of household appliances and electrical appliances (including mobile phones, headphones, tablets and computers) using one of the following methods: presentations, videos, infographics.

Once the students tracked their energy footprint, they shared their work and collaborated in order to create together this Online Energy Consumption Tool Kit for Teens in the form of the website page you are visiting right now. The Polish students under the coordination of their teachers, Mrs. Sabina Malik and Mr. Marek Kwas sent in their materials and the students from Ana Aslan Technical College in Cluj-Napoca under the supervision of their teacher, Mrs. Andreea Suciu created this page as an online tool to help students measure and improve their energy footprint. This was a unique chance for all us to be creative in getting our message out there: BE ENERGY WISE!

Smart Energy Consumers Project Group:

Polish Team:  Gabriela Dudek, Dominika Gniewek,Wiktoria Janusz,Izabela Jeż, Krzysztof Kordulski, Olga Lipiński, Jakub Marek, Dawid Poźniak, Klaudia Poźniak, Piotr Suszek, Bartosz Węglowski, Jakub Wroniak.

Teachers: Sabina Malik, Marek Kwas

Romanian Team: Veres Horatiu, Crisan Ionut, Zirbo Razvan, Visan Andreea, Biro Andreea, Cosma Alexandru, Sandorfi-Farkas Tudor, Cordis Sara, Maris Ioana, Handru Catalin, Perde Rebeca, Man Laura

 Teachers: Andreea Suciu, Mariana Szenkovits